@SouperSaturday helps homeless and otherwise vulnerable people in Edinburgh by providing a basic meal and complex social interaction in a relaxed and non-judgemental environment.

The project started though the volunteering work I do with The Big Issue office in Edinburgh. I was asked to organise a Friday afternoon soup kitchen for Big Issue vendors (Biggish Soup). However this never really took off (the vendors didn’t want to leave their work to eat soup!) and when the Big Issue decided to stop this St John’s asked me if I would be interested in using the kitchen space for anything else and Souper Saturday was born (I like corny names I do!) into the world.

The food is a minor part of what we do. The social interaction is the part that’s most appreciated: visitors are treated as people rather than “homeless people”; we drink tea from proper mugs and not polystyrene; we all sit round a big table together; we chat as equals.


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    • Hi Sam, thanks for the enquiry. We are open from 9am until 2pm. If people are coming along to have a look at what we do or are looking to volunteer then we recommend that they come at around 11am-12noon, so that they can meet the guests and maybe sample some soup!


  1. Hi! I live abroad but am back home for Xmas/NY. Do you happen to need any help around that time? Do you do any special events or the usual saturday? Would love to get involved!


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